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Measures for Shipping Companies to Deal with Space Shortage and Vessel Delay
Date:2021-09-09 15:22:03 Click:

Due to the general shortage of 20-foot dry containers and 40ft dry containers in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, some shipping companies are preparing to invest in the construction of more 40-ft-high containers and make every effort to mobilize empty containers to return to Asia in order to cope with this situation.

In order to improve the punctuality rate of ships, some shipping companies decided to omit some ports on their regular routes, and launched SOC (shipper-owned containers) and NOR (cold replacement dry container) services to reduce the impact of containers shortage.

Although many shipping companies are actively taking active measures, it is still a drop in the bucket for the current shipping situation. Experts said that the problem of shipping congestion may not be solved within this year until the global epidemic is fully controlled.

At this difficult time, OHL will always be here waiting for you, doing everything possible to give you any information you want.

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