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What is the biggest cause of port congestion?
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In fact,the biggest cause of congestion at ports is the supporting services at terminals and yards.Port companies have been struggling to get in and out of containers as quickly as possible,and shippers&freight forwarders have been struggling to find the capacity to collect drivers and cars to handle incoming and outbound containers.But things are not as dimensionally better as we thought.

At the entrance to the each European port,there are only a few trucks coming in and out,despite round-the-clock operations.The reason is a shortage of skilled dockworkers,truck drivers and rail staff to unload containers.

At the same time, the unemployment benefits policy in Europe during the pandemic has made many workers lazy.This phenomenon is more obvious in more demanding jobs such as ports.

Not enough truck drivers can be found,even if the port operates around the clock.Some experts predict that shipping congestion in the whole word could continue until 2022,as will the supply chain problems associated with it.

Because of the huge gap in the transport industry, a large number of goods are stuck in ports,unable to enter the market.So retailers and manufacturers panicked into overordering as supply shortages caused by supply chain crises exacerbated the supply chain crisis, leading to a vicious cycle.

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